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Quartz Plaster

QuartzScapes® contains a modified polymer cement premixed with colored quartz. Quartz, being the second strongest mineral besides diamonds, replaces the conventional marble sand found in a regular plaster mix, and the pebbles found in a pebble surface. The matrix (adhesive power) from polymers in QuartzScapes® cement, and durability of the dense quartz will help sustain the abuse of harsh water chemistry with age without compromising a smooth surface. Take into consideration, if you have to have that dense pebble look and are not willing to compromise one good quality over another, than the quartz surface may not be the way to go.

There are many brand names of Quartz Pool Plaster, such as PebbleFina, Wet Edge, Diamond Brite and QuartzScapes®. We prefer the QuartzScapes® products for the high quality of materials, We also use Diamond Brite Pool Plaster as well.

Quartz Plaster


When combined with white or colored plaster, aggregates afford a broad range of colors, from vivid blues and reds, to more subtle hues such as beige or soft greens as well. It also has the advantage of creating a much more durable surface than standard plaster, one that is harder and far more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions.


Again, surfaces using aggregates are more expensive than standard plaster and can also be susceptible to some surface problems; especially in the presence of extreme water chemistry conditions.

Quartz Pool Plaste

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